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EMMCO SPORT Dog Agility Equipment

5040 Marble Arch Road
Winston Salem, North Carolina27104

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Primary Industry Classification:Miscellaneous Manufacturing
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We manufacture Dog Agility Equipment. We offer a wide range of agility equipment for all levels from beginner to champion! We adhere to the spec requirements for AKC, USDAA, NADAC, CPE...etc. We offer single jumps, single jumps with wings, winged double and triple jumps, tire jumps, spread jumps, extended spread jumps, A-frames, dog walks, see saws (teeters), pause tables, weave poles & 2X2's. We also manufacture the TipAssisT for see saw training, the Contact Trainer and the take along Travel Plank for contact practice almost anywhere. We manufacture our products here in the USA from aluminum and powder coat the surface. All of our contacts are fully rubberized for a sure footed surface and great traction. We care deeply about dogs, dog agility and the people who LOVE dog agility. Please visit our website for more info and follow us on Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest!

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Fabricating specializing inDog Agility Equipment

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Current Export Markets:Europe, North America
Materials List:Metal - Aluminum, Plastic, Rubber
Delivery Radius:Within 250 miles
Other:We strive for excellence and innovation in all our products. We work with top Agility Trainers to develop new dog agility training tools such as the new TipAssisT used to improve See Saw performance and the new Travel Plank for practicing contacts anywhere! The Travel Plank can also be used for loading and unloading older dogs from vehicles. It is fully rubberized for easy grip and light weight for easy handling. Our products are competition grade at affordable prices. Our dog agility equipment allows the enthusiast to have high quality equipment in their own backyards and thus leading to better performances during competition and great fun for all. We offer A-frames, Dog Walks, See Saws, Winged Double Jumps, Winged Triple Jumps, Pause Tables, Tire Jumps, Single Jumps & Winged Single Jumps, Spread Jumps and Extended Spread Jumps. We also manufacture Weave Poles and 2 X 2 's. Our winged jumps can have Sunbrella fabric inserts that display club or corporate logos. We use plastic jump cups and plastic plugs for safety on our equipment. Our equipment is made to AKC, USDAA and NADAC specification requirements. We use innovative design for our agility equipment. Our See Saw using bearings for a very smooth decent and return. Our Dog Walk can convert from 4' to 2' for training purposes in minutes! We love to help our customers meet the needs of their dogs and work with them to develop and improve our products. We know how important agility training can be for some dogs and how much it adds to their lives and ours. We are dedicated to providing the best possible dog agility equipment at a cost that makes dog agility fun for everyone.

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Sports and Leisure
Specializing inDog Agility Equipment
With a typical monthly production volume of1 - 100
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