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Primary Industry Classification:Machinery Manufacturing

Secondary Industry Classification:Waste Management and Remediation Services
Number of Employees:5
Treating your site-runoff, process, cooling or waste water is costly and fraught with liability. Typical installations generate excessive costs from high energy consumption, maintenance, and compliance. Whenever your systems are at or beyond design capacity, you also face opportunity costs. Many water treatment systems are overdue for a makeover. Magnetic Ballast Clarification (MBC) rapidly and efficiently separates then removes diverse particulates from water or contaminated water supplies. Compared to common technology, our MBC technology can provide a comprehensive solution with twice the throughput, in half the space and at half the cost.

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Engineering and Design
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Current Export Markets:North America
Equipment List:MBC-300, MBC-35,000, DAF-300, PaaS
Materials List:Metal - Stainless Steel, Various
Delivery Radius:Anywhere in the world

Industries We Serve

Specializing inWatger Clarifiers
With a typical monthly production volume of1 - 100
Utilities: water/sewer
Specializing inWater Clarifiers
With a typical monthly production volume of1 - 100
Industrial Machinery and Equipment
Specializing inSmart (AI) Water Control Platforms
With a typical monthly production volume of1 - 100