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ROI Machinery & Automation Inc.

1534 Cher Dr. Bldg. 2
Durham, North Carolina 27713

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Phone: 919-788-7728

About Our Company

Primary Industry Classification: Machinery Manufacturing
Secondary Industry Classification: Miscellaneous Manufacturing
Established: 2006
Number of Employees: 8
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Based out of Durham, NC, ROI Machinery & Automation is an engineering firm catering to manufacturers and material handlers across a broad range of industries. Our products are automation solutions including equipment for assembly, packaging, material handling, palletizing and depalletizing, inspection, and testing. We provide solutions that increase productivity and focus on decreasing risk of workplace injuries. Some of our customers' industries include food and beverage, automotive, lumber/wood, medical, aerospace, glass, and logistics. Whether your company already has ideas for projects or would like us to take a fresh look and offer solutions for your applications, we can help.

Our Brands

ROI Machinery & Automation

Our Capabilities

Engineering and Design

What Makes Us Unique

Current Export Markets: North America
Equipment List: Compact Palletizer, PalletMate (Pallet Dispenser), Engine Stands, Robotic Integration, Low Level Conveyors
Materials List: Metal - Steel, Metal - Aluminum, Plastic
Delivery Radius: Anywhere in the world
Other: US Patent 9,511,957 covering the Compact Palletizer We are a smaller company and are therefore able to attentively support our products directly. We stand behind our in-house, American made products and maintain good relationships with our customers. The nature of our business requires inventing solutions on a daily basis, which has given us a diverse field of experience across multiple industries. We enjoy a challenge and take pride in our products and craftsmanship.

Industries We Serve

Consumer Goods
Specializing in Compact Palletizers
With a typical monthly production volume of 1 - 100
Specializing in Engine Stands
With a typical monthly production volume of 1 - 100
Industrial Machinery and Equipment
Specializing in PalletMate - Floor Level Pallet Dispenser
With a typical monthly production volume of 1 - 100
Compact Palletizer
Engine Stands
PalletMate - Floor Level Pallet Dispenser