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Primary Industry Classification:Textile Mills

Secondary Industry Classification:Textile Product Mills
Nufabrx is a proprietary biomaterial platform that embeds active ingredients into fabrics, and these active ingredients can be programmed to respond to the body for predictable, effective, and long-lasting dermal release. Nufabrx products are durable and washable up to 25 times without losing effectiveness. Nufabrx's advanced technology protects fibers from hydrolysis and oxidation for long-term potency. Even with different dosing levels and being processed through numerous wash cycles, Nufabrx consistently provides therapeutic delivery of ingredients to the body for pain relief.

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Certifications:FDA GMP Compliant, ISO 13485, ISO Compliant
Current Export Markets:Europe, North America
Delivery Radius:Anywhere in the world
Other:Consumer health and wellness totally reimagined, and simplified, by delivering medications, vitamins and supplements directly through the garments that touch our bodies every day. 

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Consumer Goods
Specializing inhealth wear
With a typical monthly production volume of
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