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Russell Manufacturing LLC

644 Alton King Rd
Gulf, North Carolina 27256

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About Our Company

Primary Industry Classification: Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing
Established: 1990
On-Time delivery is our No.1 priority. Our customers rely on our 97+% delivery performance and Zero Defect quality rating.

Our Capabilities

Casting specializing in Babbitt and Aluminum
Engineering and Design specializing in Rotor dynamic modelling, Bearing design, FEA
Machining specializing in High precision, High strength alloys

What Makes Us Unique

Certifications: ISO 9001
Current Export Markets: North America
Materials List: Metal - Aluminum, Metal - Stainless Steel, Metal - Steel
Delivery Radius: Within 1000 miles
Other: Extensive bearing design and analysis capabilities are supported by on-site bearing testing. Air-foil bearings for use in lightly-loaded applications up to 150,000 RPM.

Industries We Serve

Industrial Machinery and Equipment
Specializing in Shafts, impellers, bearing housings
With a typical monthly production volume of 1 - 10,000
Metals Products
Specializing in Gears, angles
With a typical monthly production volume of 1 - 1000
Utilities: communication/electronic power
Specializing in Nuclear valve stems
With a typical monthly production volume of 1 - 1000