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Polymer Assembly Technology, Inc.

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Research Triangle Park, North Carolina27709

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Primary Industry Classification:Computer and Electronic Product Manufacturing
PAT specializes in prototype and low-volume flip chip assembly services for fine-pitch (75µm) pixel imaging devices and temperature sensitive II-VI and III-V group materials, including: optical, radiation, and bio-medical sensors, and optical/polymer-MEMS. The technology utilizes low-temperature curing, silver-filled (non-leaded) conductive epoxies that are applied using a patented stencil printing technique. High density flip chip interconnections up to 8000 I/O have been achieved using low applied forces. This technique offers a less expensive and safer alternative to conventional indium bump bonding or “Hybridization” assembly. The electrically conductive and non-conductive polymer inks that are used in this process are cured at temperatures as low as 60°C and are therefore important for temperature sensitive component assembly. PAT is believed to be the only company with this area of expertise in the US. The company is presently providing custom assembly solutions for numerous government, university and private research labs that are developing optical, radiation, and bio-medical sensors, and optical/polymer-MEMS and bio-fluidic devices. PAT is registered with the DOD’s Central Contractor Registration (CCR) as a small business service provider and will provide references on request.

What Makes Us Unique

Equipment List:screen printer, flip chip bonder, automated gold wire bonder, automated dispenser, ultrasonic imager, die shear and wire bond pull tester, ultrasonic stencil cleaner, N2 dry boxes, laminar flow hood, Class 10K clean room, electronic test equipment, o
Delivery Radius:Anywhere in the world
Other:Our company assembled the X-ray imaging detectors for the Caltech NuSTAR Focusing X-Ray Telescope placed into orbit June 13,2012, the first of its kind. We are currently working with major companies developing new low-dosage X-ray equipment for medical imaging and other space telescope projects.

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Specializing inX-ray/Gamma-ray detectors
With a typical monthly production volume of1 - 100
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