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Primary Industry Classification:Electrical Equipment, Appliance, and Component Manufacturing
Multi-Technical Services was founded in 1984 by Lyn Williams and Gary Pleasant to provide custom product design and small lot manufacturing services for several electronic companies in North Carolina's Research Triangle Park. Lyn and Gary both came from ITT Mackay where Lyn was the R&D Laboratory Manager and Gary was one of the mechanical designers. Both had been with ITT for about ten years.

Lyn was responsible for product design and manufacturing, while Gary was responsible for mechanical design and documentation. Gary retired from MTS in 1992, while Lyn continues to be active in product design and testing. Some of the early projects included manufacturing the emergency run down system for GE's MRI with A.B. Andrews and Company, and the development of solid-state audio recorder/player systems for Digital Recorders, Inc., for use in airport shuttle buses, school buses, and Traveler's Information Stations.

In 1986, MTS began developing a line of broadcast equipment under the MTS Communication Products Division label. The first three-channel EBS encoder/decoder included weather radio integration, continuous self-test, and end-of-message signaling, and location information. This system set new standards for EBS that can be seen in the newer EAS equipment requirements.

In 1993 Skip White joined the company as a Software Engineer. Skip worked in Radio Broadcasting for 28 years. He spent 13 years as a combination announcer, "morning man" and engineer, and then left the air and spent 15 years as Chief Engineer.

The MTS broadcast product line now includes NOAA Receivers, Distribution Amplifiers, and several more specialty items. Commercial products include TIS transmitting systems, networked digital audio work stations, and the on-air program audio console for NOAA Weather Radio.

MTS's EAS Encoder II software for generating EAS messages anywhere, right from your Windows PC, became the standard for EAS message origination over a decade ago.

MTS produces other products including the Emergency Alert Radio or EAR, which is available in two models that are identical except for the frequencies covered. The Weather EAR receives NOAA weather radio frequencies and the FM EAR receives standard FM broadcast stations. These units are suitable for Home, Business, School, or Industrial applications and have features found only in the broadcast equipment class of products.

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Our Capabilities

Engineering and Design specializing inCommunication and Control Equipment
Electronics and Electrical specializing inWarning Systems, TIS/HAR Systems

What Makes Us Unique

Current Export Markets:North America
Equipment List:
Materials List:Metal - Aluminum, Plastic, Various
Delivery Radius:Anywhere in the world
Other:MTS Communication Products designs and manufactures products that are primarily used in the transmission, reception, or delivery of Warning Information to the public. From EAS Software used on the Emergency Managers Desktop, to the Weather Receiver on the front desk in the Elementary School, to the 10 Watt Travelers Information Station and Highway Advisory Radio System that provides you with road construction information or Hurricane evacuation information, to monitor receivers in homes, businesses and schools located near community hazards such as Nuclear Facilities, Hazardous Waste Incinerators, Chemical Plants and Stockpiles, munitions depots, and other military facilities.

MTS has products to deliver Warning Information.

MTS also designs and manufactures custom products to meet your needs. Communication, IT, RF, Consumer, Musical Instrument Accessories, Test and Measurement Facilities, Motion Control, and many other types of devices and systems are brought to life at MTS to make your life better.

Industries We Serve

Specializing inEmergency Weather Alert Radios
With a typical monthly production volume of1 - 1000
Specializing inAM Traveler's Information Station Transmitters
With a typical monthly production volume of1 - 100
Specializing inCustom Products
With a typical monthly production volume of1 - 100
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