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Industries of the Blind, Inc

920 West Lee St
Greensboro, North Carolina27403

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About Our Company

Primary Industry Classification:Apparel Manufacturing
Industries of the blind is a not for profit manufacturing company that employs people who are blind or visually impaired. IOB is a manufacturer of apparel for the US Army and Navy. IOB produces moisture wicking t-shirts, long sleeve flight deck jerseys, and Improved Physical Fitness Uniform pants. IOB has made cargo parachutes, cargo nets, chemical suit bags, ballistic nape pads, and helmet covers. We are a complete cut and sew operation using automated equipment to digitize, create markers, spread, and cut fabrics. IOB also produces office products such as ink pens, clipboards, mop heads, and mop handles. We also have the capability to perform distribution services for companies as we operate a 157,000 sq ft building to pick/pack/ship product all over the world for the Dept of Defense.

Our Brands

Northern Outfitters

Our Capabilities

Other specializing incut/sew operation, distribution services
Packaging specializing inkitting

What Makes Us Unique

Certifications:ISO 9001
Current Export Markets:North America
Equipment List:Use a wide variety of sewing machines to include companies such as Juki, Singer, Union Special, Sun Star, Lectra cutting/spreading equipment, MAS500 ER.
Materials List:Various
Delivery Radius:Anywhere in the world
Other:Industries of the Blind uses lean principals in the manufacturing of both sewn products as well as commodities. Quality is of the highest standards and is achieved while still adhering to the mission of the company to employ people who are blind or visually impaired.

Industries We Serve

Specializing inoffice products (ink pens, clipboards mops)
With a typical monthly production volume of1 - 100,000
Specializing inapparel (moisture wicking t-shirts, fitness pants, flight deck jersey)
With a typical monthly production volume of1 - 100,000
Retail Trade
Specializing inapparel (cold weather clothing)
With a typical monthly production volume of1 - 10,000
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