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HydroEye Marine Group

8326 Mt. Harmony Rd.
Connellys Springs, North Carolina28612

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About Our Company

Primary Industry Classification:Transportation Equipment Manufacturing
HMG has been engaged in designing and developing an inflatable boat line incorporating a unique combination of inflatable boat convenience and practicality, and the performance of high speed “tunnel hull” racing crafts. The 5 meter (17') “First Responder “ is now available in production. Soon to follow will be a 6.5 meter (22') commercial craft, a 4 meter (13') tender, and a much larger amphibious assault craft. Each craft utilizes a unique patented “Variable Ballast Hull Technology”. The "VBHT" underbody configuration enables the vessel to achieve substantial performance results while maintaining and even improving upon attributes associated with traditional boats hull technologies.

Our Brands

Responder Boats
Yolo Stand-up Paddleboards

Our Capabilities

Assembly specializing inbonding and fastening of molded components
Engineering and Design specializing inSolidworks CAD modeling
Molding specializing inResin infusion techniques

What Makes Us Unique

Current Export Markets:Europe, North America, South America
Materials List:Composite, Foam, Urethane
Delivery Radius:Anywhere in the world
Other:Speed is the first noticeable performance improvement. Our Inflatable Boats achieve greater speed with less horsepower than traditional inflatables. Fuel consumption is substantially reduced thus improving economy of operation and usable range. Stability and riding comfort is far superior and steering response is just incredible. The boat tracks as though it is riding on “railroad tracks”. The inflatable components of HydroEye Marine Group inflatable boats differ substantially from the competition. Our nylon reinforced welded polyurethane inflatable collar is supported by multiple independent urethane bladders as opposed to baffled chambers as in other brands. Each air holding bladder is fitted with both a fill valve and over-pressure relief valve resulting in an extremely secure flotation system. A problem in one chamber CAN NOT affect any others. NO blown seams, NO detached baffles, and the heavy duty polyurethane industrial fabric used resists punctures, tears, abrasion, marine elements and chemicals much better than either PVC or Hypalon materials. If a puncture does occur, a leaking bladder can be removed, repaired and replaced in a matter of minutes by the boater! Innovative design, quality materials, superb craftsmanship, and competitive pricing make these boats an attractive alternative to traditional inflatables. HydroEye Marine Group inflatable boats also offer more usable deck area than any of the competition. Our wide beam, “pusher bow” configuration, and optional appointments allow for more usable space on deck. HMG boats are designed to accommodate the user, customized to our clients needs. Custom colors can be ordered as well.

Industries We Serve

Specializing inFRP components
With a typical monthly production volume of1 - 10,000
Specializing inFRP components, Boats and accessories
With a typical monthly production volume of1 - 1000
Specializing inFRP components, Boats and accessories
With a typical monthly production volume of1 - 1000
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