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Clary Lumber Company

204 Mitchell Street
Gaston, North Carolina27832

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About Our Company

Primary Industry Classification:Wood Product Manufacturing

Secondary Industry Classification:Miscellaneous Manufacturing
Number of Employees:48
Clary manufactures all sizes of Pine and Hardwood lumber using 100% renewable resources. Primary products include ties, timbers and flooring, bark, sawdust, and chips. Specialty wood products include large pallets, stakes, mats, roll chocks, pipe blocking, and banding boards. ISPM15 Heat-Treatment service.

Our Capabilities

Machining specializing inLumber, ties, flooring, stakes, pallet components
Assembly specializing inPallets, mats, chocks, banding boards
Heat Treating specializing inHT chamber - ISPM15 Certification

What Makes Us Unique

Equipment List:Debarker, primary breakdown saw, precision trimmer, resaw, warehouse, Heat Treatment chamber (gas-fired)
Materials List:Wood, Metal - Steel, Fibers - Man-made
Delivery Radius:Within 1000 miles
Other:We have a long-term focus - many companies have been customers for decades due to the consistent quality and value we provide. Our owners focus on our staff and our staff focuses on individual customer needs. Our warehouse, inventory, and on-time delivery capabilities add value by reducing lead-time, inventory and cost.

Industries We Serve

Specializing inPallets and pallet components
With a typical monthly production volume of1 - 10,000
Specializing inTies and Timbers
With a typical monthly production volume of1 - 10,000
Specializing inChocks, blocking, banding boards
With a typical monthly production volume of1 - 100,000
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Pencil Point Stakes
Pencil Point Stakes