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Most large water users are overbilled for their water usage. Precision Flow is a proprietary water flow technology that helps ensure that the water bill is accurate, resulting in material savings. The Precision Flow corrects for the variance between actual water consumption versus apparent water consumption. The intellectual property is imbedded in a stainless steel housing that we custom manufacture for each application. The market for the product is substantial as there should be significant benefits for almost any user of a large volume of water (apartment REITS, hotels, golf courses, food processing plants, universities/student housing, etc.) We offer a shared savings program via a lease contract with a purchase option. In this format, we share in the benefits but only to the extent that a user actually achieves savings.

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Delivery Radius:Anywhere in the world
Other:The website is most informative. In a nutshell - Every municipality is sending 15-30% air through the line. The valve goes in on the users side of the meter and condenses the air into the water and creates a vortex of air toward the meter that makes it read more efficiently. There is no change to the water pressure. We put the valve in at our expense and do a lease based on shared cost savings generated. Your water bill was $130k and it drops to $100k – you send us half of the savings and the rest inures to your bottom line.