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125 East 8th Street
Newton, North Carolina 28658

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Primary Industry Classification: Paper Manufacturing
Established: 2010
CORE 3, LLC, manufactures spiral paper cores in an ID range from 1.5" and higher and any wall thickness up to 0.500 with print and embossing capability. We also have re-cut capabilities from 10 MM widths and higher on cores from 1.5" ID to 16" ID.

What Makes Us Unique

Equipment List: Additional equipment includes a 75" width Cameron slitter/rewinder
Materials List: Other
Other: As a small Independent local manufacturer, CORE 3, LLC, can react quickly to fill orders both small and large. We are building a reputation for quality, service, and will offer solutions that can lower a customer's costs and improve production efficiencies. We also offer core stocking programs that lower customer's inventory space and costs.

Industries We Serve

Paper and Paperboard Products
Specializing in
With a typical monthly production volume of
Specializing in
With a typical monthly production volume of