About Our Company

We are a debt free textile mill in North Carolina. We have Jacuard looms, dye house, dye sublimation, cut and sew, pillow blow, quilting/batting, and a automated distribution center. It's all in North Carolina.

Our Capabilities

Other specializing in Cut and Sew

Printing specializing in Indoor or outdoor

Weaving specializing in Jacquard

What Makes Us Unique

Equipment List: Jacquard Weaving up to 120 inches Digital printing up to 120 inches Pressing up to 170 inches Pillow Blow Cut and Sew Dye house Warping Automated Distribution All type of finishing equipment. tenter frame, turbang, etc..

Materials List: Fibers - Man-made, Fibers - Natural

Delivery Radius: Anywhere in the world

Other: I would guess we are the only company this vertical in the US. You can design your own fabric, print, cut and sew, and finish with very small minimums on a large scale.

Industries We Serve

Consumer Goods
specializing in Pillows
with a typical monthly production volume of 1 - 1,000,000

specializing in Fabric
with a typical monthly production volume of 1 - 1,000,000

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