About Our Company

Palmer Wahl Instrumentation Group is America's First Manufacturer of Precision Industrial Temperature and Pressure Instrumentation. Palmer Instruments and Wahl Instruments, with more than a century of Firsts in temperature technology, have come together to offer a complete line of temperature, pressure, test and calibration instruments from our manufacturing facility in Asheville, North Carolina. Family owned and operated, our history is built on our reputation of outstanding product development, quality, and customer service. Our future is dedicated to innovating more industry Firsts in instrumentation.

Our Capabilities

Electronics and Electrical specializing in Manufacturing Digital Process Thermometers, Handheld Thermocouple and RTD Meters, and Handheld Infrared Thermometers for a variety of industries and applications.

Engineering and Design specializing in Assistance in creating custom solutions to meet the temperature or pressure measurement needs of a particular application.

Fabricating specializing in Mechanical Temperature Measurement, including BiMetal thermometers, Dial Thermometers, and Pressure Gauges.

What Makes Us Unique

Certifications: ISO 9001

Current Export Markets: Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, South America

Materials List: Metal - Brass, Metal - Stainless Steel, Various

Delivery Radius: Anywhere in the world

Other: Palmer Wahl is a family owned and operated company with many industry FIRSTS to its credit; the first thermometer manufactured in America, the first red-reading mercury thermometer, and the first and only NIST traceable temperature sensitive label on the market.

Industries We Serve

Computers and Electronic Products
specializing in Temp-PlateĀ® Temperature Recording Labels

Food, Beverage and Restaurants
specializing in FDA Compliant Self-Checking Digital Process Thermometers

Industrial Machinery and Equipment
specializing in Thermocouple and RTD Probes

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